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Cyclo 305 HC

Mio Cyclo 305 HC
Cyclo 305 HC Cyclo 305 HC Cyclo 305 HC Cyclo 305 HC

The best experience in bicycle navigation

Meet the Mio Cyclo 305 HC: the easy-to-use, rugged bicycle navigation device for anyone who enjoys cycling and likes to keep track of their performances.

The Mio Cyclo 305 HC allows you to navigate easily from point A to B or to follow your own preferred routes. The turn-by-turn navigation effortlessly guides you, indicating every instruction with a clear sound alert.

It has never been so easy to keep track of your performance, analyse your data, and improve your health.

The Mio Cyclo 305 HC makes navigating, sharing your experiences and monitoring your performance easy and suits the needs of every recreational or sportive user.

Tärkeimmät ominaisuudet

Anti-glare touch screen

With its large anti-glare 3” touch screen, the simple menu structure and clear on-screen buttons, the *** offers you true ease of use.

Pyöräily- ja tiekartat asennettu valmiiksi

Pyöräily- ja tiekartat asennettu valmiiksi – voit heti lähteä matkaan.

Surprise Me™ ominaisuus
Surprise Me™ ominaisuus – valitset vain ajan, etäisyyden tai määränpään, niin Mio Cyclo tarjoaa kolme yllätysreittiä, joista voit valita mieleisesi.
Integroitu ANT+™

The Mio *** is fully equipped for the competitive cycler and mountain biker. It measures time, speed, distance, height, calorie consumption and more. And, to complete the package, it comes with an ANT+™ sensor, a wireless heart-rate monitor as well as wheel and cadence sensors.

Cycling-related POIs

Thanks to the pre-installed points of interests (POIs), such as bicycle shops, restaurants and emergency locations, you will always be able to locate some refreshments or a new tyre with ease.

Mio Share™ desktop application

MioShare™ -työpöytäsovelluksen avulla voit tallentaa kaikki tiedot ja hallinnoida reittihistoriaasi Helppokäyttöisen sovelluksen avulla voit ladata haluamasi reitit ja nauttia uusista, muiden suosittelemista ajoreiteistä ja alueista. Sovelluksen avulla voit myös tehdä ostoksia ja ladata kartta- ja ohjelmapäivityksiä sekä perehtyä tuoreimpaan tietoon laitteistamme.

Long-life rechargeable battery

With the long, rechargeable battery life of 12 hours, you can enjoy longer distances without having to worry about finding your way back home.

Water resistant (IPX7)

The rugged waterproof casing (IPX7) ensures that the Mio *** is the perfect navigation device, resistant to every type of weather.

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