MiTAC Europe launches Mio Cyclo 100 series

17 October 2012 For Immediate Release

New range of bicycle computers for the sportive cyclist now in stores

London – Today, MiTAC Europe launches the Mio Cyclo 100 series, a new range of four compact bicycle computers aimed at the sportive cyclist. The Mio Cyclo 100, Cyclo 105, Cyclo 105 H and the Cyclo 105 HC come packed with features and include built-in GPS, which allows the devices to measure time, speed, altitude, calories and distance. The series extends the acclaimed Mio Cyclo 300 series and with this launch, MiTAC shows its dedication to the cycling market by offering the ideal everyday training companion for the sportive cyclist.

“After the successful launch of the Mio Cyclo 300 series last May, we are very proud to launch a new range of bicycle computers aimed at sportive cyclists that want to track performance. With the new Mio Cyclo 100 series, MiTAC intends to show its commitment to the cycling market by offering a full range of cycling products, suiting the needs of recreational and sportive cyclists. We now have a device suited to every need; whether it is navigation or simply an easy to use bicycle computer”, says Piet Deschuymer, Vice-President Sales & Marketing MiTAC Europe.

Mio Cyclo 100

The Mio Cyclo 100 is a stylish bicycle computer that records time, speed, distance, altitude, calorie consumption and tracks with the built-in GPS. It can be used right out of the box and can be mounted onto any bicycle in portrait or landscape-mode. The device is equipped with an anti-glare 1.8” screen, simple menu structure and a customisable dashboard.

The compact design combined with a rugged waterproof casing (IPX7) and long battery life (up to 18 hours), makes the Mio Cyclo 100 suitable for every weather condition and every track.
With the personal workout partner, the user can challenge him or herself to improve performances. After cycling, it’s easy to analyse the recorded tracks and performances and share it online via the Mio Share desktop application. This is the same application used for the Mio Cyclo 300 series: enabling the user to store data, manage route history, analyse performances and share experiences online. The application is also the one-stop shop for managing the device and downloading software updates or latest product information.

Mio Cyclo 105 series - compatible with power meter

Compared to the Mio Cyclo 100, the Mio Cyclo 105 series - which consists of three devices - is equipped with extra accessories to measure performances and health.

The Mio Cyclo 105 series comes with a built-in ANT+ sensor and is compatible with every power meter, so the user can easily monitor his performance. The Mio Cyclo 105 H is the same product, but includes a wireless heart-rate monitor in the box. Finally, the Mio 105 HC offers the complete package. The device has all the accessories on board: a wireless heart-rate monitor and wheel- and cadence-sensor.

Key features of the Cyclo 100 series

  • Bicycle computer - records time, speed, burned calories, distance, location and more
  • Easy to use - compact design, ready out of the box, and can be easily mounted on any bicycle in portrait or landscape mode
  • Personalised dashboard – users can adjust the settings to customise the dashboard to his or her  preferences
  • Personal workout partner – challenges the user to improve his or her performance
  • Mio Share desktop application  - one tool to easily manage the device, analyse recorded GPS tracks, and to share experiences online
  • Long-life rechargeable battery -  up to 18 hours performance

Extra features of the Cyclo 105 series

  • Cyclo 105 -  includes an ANT+ sensor and is compatible with every power meter
  • Cyclo 105 H – includes an ANT+ sensor, is compatible with every power meter and includes a wireless heart rate monitor
  • Cyclo 105 HC – includes an ANT+ sensor, is compatible with every power meter and includes a wireless heart rate monitor plus wheel and cadence-sensor

Recommended retail price and availability

The Mio Cyclo 100 series are available at a recommended retail price of:

  • RSP Mio Cyclo 100       £ 99.99
  • RSP Mio Cyclo 105      £ 129.99
  • RSP Mio Cyclo 105 H      £ 169.99
  • RSP Mio Cyclo 105 HC      £ 199.99

Where to buy?

The Mio Cyclo 100 series is now available at specialised bike equipment stores. An overview of the stores is available here. Stores include:

  • Evans
  • Cycle surgery
  • Wiggle
  • Halfords
  • And all good independent retailers

More information about Mio Cyclo 100 series is available at


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