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Mio Technology Awards

Over the last couple of years, Mio Technology saw its efforts to offer innovative and competitively products rewarded with numerous awards.

The great value that the products offer across the entire portfolio, has been repeatedly proven by a range of awards such as Best Buy, Editor’s Choice, etc. received from both consumer organisations and the press.

Mio Technology won awards for the following devices:

  • GPS Car Navigation

    • Mio Spirit 685

      Mio Mio Spirit 685

      • Mio Best Reviewed

        Best Reviewed - rating : 8,2
        January 2012
        • Category : Online
        • Area : Netherlands
        • Media : Website

        Mio Best Reviewed - Best Reviewed -

        Deze Mio doet niet onder voor duurdere merken, sterker nog ik heb mijn Tom Tom nog in de kast liggen, maar daar verlang ik nu zeker niet meer naar.

      • Mio Gold Award

        Gold Award - rating :

        PC Professionale
        June 2011
        • Category : Offline
        • Area : Italy
        • Media : Magazine

        Mio Gold Award - Gold Award - PC Professionale

        In the price range under 150 euros, the Mio Spirit 685 won the Gold prize of our survey. It is a product that, with a relatively low price, offers features and services typical of higher-end models.

      • Mio Recommended

        Recommended - rating : 9/10

        Trusted Reviews
        May 2011

        Mio Recommended - Recommended - Trusted Reviews

        You’d normally expect to get a 3.5in non-widescreen sat-nav for £110, but Mio clearly has a trick or two up its sleeve. The Spirit 685 offers a 5in widescreen for this price. Not only that, but you also get Western European maps, and even RDS-TMC traffic updates.