Latest maps

30 Day Latest Map Guarantee

We want you to have the latest map data available on your Mio. If a map update is released within 30 days of first use or purchase, a new map update will be available for you to download immediately – completely free!

The free update includes the same coverage and features as the initial map apply.

Can I get a free update?

To check whether you are entitled to the Latest Map Guarantee, install MioMore Desktop on your PC, connect the device to your computer and allow it to sync. If the update is available you will receive a pop-up message. MioMore Desktop DVD is enclosed in the box together with your device.

For older Moov devices (Moov 150/200/210/310/330/370/500/510/560/580), register your device in Mio Advantage and select 'Update My Maps' to receive an activation key and full instructions on how to install.

Installation instructions

For a step by step guide on how to install the Latest Map Guarantee on your device via MioMore Desktop, please click on the link to the Support section, below, to find the appropriate FAQ for your Mio GPS.

Explore new destinations

If you want to drive to the country or region that is currently not preinstalled on your device, you can add a new map of the location you are travelling to.


Buy new maps

Our accessories are all designed to work perfectly with your Mio.

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Let Mio be your tour guide, and you will feel like a local.

Mio's Truck Mode navigation is optimised for truck drivers.