How GPS receivers can help you

Consumer GPS receivers are used mainly for navigation and route planning. By locking on to a constellation of satellites orbiting the earth, the receiver can pinpoint your exact position on the planet, calculate the speed and direction in which you are travelling, whether you are in a vehicle, a boat, or walking, and if you are in an aircraft it will tell you your altitude too.

Drivers - Most drivers, whether driving for business, pleasure, public transportation, or long-distance haulage can benefit from the satellite navigation made possible by a GPS receiver. They can find their exact location and follow a route from A to B provided by the Sat Nav device.

GPS imageSafety cameras - GPS has made spotting permanent safety cameras on the roads that much easier so that drivers can make sure they stay within safe speed limits.

Some GPS receivers and Sat Navs are also able to tap into traffic news announcements and alert drivers to problems on the road ahead or else re-route their journey automatically to avoid traffic jams and accidents.

Entertainment - Your Sat Nav can even help you plan your day if it has POIs (points of interest) restaurants, gas stations, emergency assistance, hotels and more, embedded in the mapping software.

Second GPS imageOutdoors - Hikers, cross-country runners, tourists, and others can use a GPS receiver to pinpoint their location and find their way from landmark to checkpoint and safely back home. A GPS can be used to mark a particular spot on the map so that you can return to that exact location later.