Mio sets new standard in bicycle navigation with WIFI enabled Mio Cyclo™ 500 series

14 May 2013 For Immediate Release

Stylish devices cater for both performance driven cyclists and mountain bikers.


London, 14/05/2013 – Mio, global experts in GPS navigation, today announces its stylish new bicycle navigation range, the Mio Cyclo™ 500 series. Setting new standards in bike navigation technology, the Mio Cyclo™ 500 series promises to revolutionise the cycling habits of both performance driven cyclists and mountain bikers with a host of innovative and exciting features.

The Mio Cyclo™ 500 series devices all include built-in WIFI and a stylish, flat, capacitive touch screen. They’re also lightweight and packed with features, weighing a mere 129 grams and including pre-installed maps and the unique Mio Surprise Me™ functionality, which generates new cycling routes based upon a given time period or distance. The range features three devices, the Mio Cyclo™ 505 UK, the Cyclo™ 505 HC UK and the Cyclo™ 505 HC WEU, and will be available starting May 2013. The launch follows the successful introduction of the Mio Cyclo™ 300 and Cyclo™ 100 series in 2012.

The Mio Cyclo™ 500 devices are all equipped with built-in WIFI, enabling users to connect to their MioShare™ account via any wireless internet network. This way, tracks from MioShare™ can effortlessly be synchronised to the device before leaving home, without even turning on a PC. Simply pressing the “WIFI sync” button on the Mio Cyclo™ 500 device does the trick. Any route the user wants to save after a workout can simply be uploaded to his or her MioShare™ account, using the same sync button. The Mio Cyclo™ 505 HC UK and the Cyclo™ 505 HC WEU also include a cadence/speed sensor and wireless heart rate monitor to help evaluate cycling performance and improve health.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Paramount Pictures UK to promote this summer’s blockbuster, Star Trek Into Darkness, customers who buy a Mio Cyclo™ device before the end of May, from either the Mio e-shop or Halfords, will also have the chance to win a range of exclusive Star Trek prizes. For more information, visit http://eu.mio.com/en_gb/startrekintodarkness/index.htm.

Natasha Bartlett-Twivey, UK and Ireland marketing manager at MiTAC Europe, said: “Since last summer’s Olympics, Brits have embraced cycling like never before. All of our cyclists, whether hobbyists, commuters, racers or mountain bikers, sometimes need some help getting around and the Mio Cyclo™ 500 range provides it in style. With features like built-in WIFI and our unique Surprise Me™ mode, it’s never been easier to navigate, plan rides or be inspired to find new routes.”

Piet Deschuymer, President MiTAC Europe, said: “We are very proud to announce this innovative range, which has been created using feedback from our loyal users for some of its new features. We aim to bring technology of the future to the users of today, setting a new standard in the market, while staying with our initial core strategy: offering easy to use bicycle navigation.”

The Mio Cyclo™ 500 series’ key features are:
• Slim and stylish design – a flat screen with lightweight design of only 129 grams
• Anti-glare, capacitive glass screen – for even better sunlight readability
• WIFI enabled – no need for PC connection, easy synchronisation of tracks via WIFI

The Mio Cyclo™ 500 series naturally comes with the latest Mio Cyclo™ software and is equipped with the unique Mio Surprise Me™ feature. Because of the pre-installed maps, all devices are ready-to-go straight out of the box.

Availability and recommended retail price

The Mio Cyclo™ 500 series will be in store in early-mid May for a recommended retail price of £330 to £400.

The Mio Cyclo™ 300 series, suitable for both recreational and sportive cyclists, will remain available in store as well.

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Mio Cyclo™ 505 UK: £329.99
Mio Cyclo™ 505 HC UK £369.99
Mio Cyclo™ 505 HC WEU £399.99


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