MiVue drive recorder

The personal drive recorder with GPS for vehicle road accident recording.

MiVue 338 2.0"

MiVue 338 2.0"

Top Features
120º viewing angle

Wide-angle camera with 120˚ view angle without blind spot.

Event recording mode

Records before, during and after an incident.


Integrated 3-axis G-sensor records the impact force on a wave diagram.

Photo mode

Make photo record of vehicle accident damage.

MiVue Manager

Browse, analyze and export videos.

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MiVue 358 2.4"

MiVue 358 2.4"

Top Features of MiVue 338 plus
Parking Mode

Collect video evidence when you are away from your car.

1080p Full HD Recording

Record high definition videos at the 1080p resolution.

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MiVue 388 2.4"

MiVue 388 2.4"

Top Features of MiVue 358 plus
Speed Camera Alerts

Drive confidently with free lifetime safety camera alerts.

GPS Tracking

The recorder simultaneously records the video and the other information like location, directions, speed and coordinates.

Video and GPS in sync

Display the location on Google Maps™ when you playback the video.

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