Mio Moov Series Earns Top Honours around the Globe

23 February 2009 For Immediate Release

Consumers nowadays depend more and more on Internet searching and media recommendations before purchasing a navigation device. As a leading maker of PNDs (Portable Navigation Devices), Mio has been honoured in more than 10 authoritative awards and has had numerous recommendations from industry experts and worldwide media outlets for its Moov Series throughout 2008.

In China alone, Moov 360 and Moov 370 swept 13 awards from the media. Top awards included “2008 Product of the Year” (CHIP Magazine), “Editor’s Choice of the Year” (MicroComputer Website), “GPS of the Year” (Stuff Magazine). In Western Europe the Moov 200 is the most popular product and recommended by media for its great value.

Earlier this month, the Mio Moov 200 was voted 1st place for "Product of the Year 2008" in the navigation products category by the renowned portal website benchmark.pl. In the contest, the Mio Moov 200 gained 43% of the total number of votes. (http://www.benchmark.pl/recenzja/show/recenzja_id/1606).

This high praise from experts and media underscore Mio’s capacity to deliver innovative and high quality PNDs with a stylish design and easy-to-use system. To echo its new brand image “Explore More”, Mio launched the Moov Series in 2008, featuring a stylish and compact design, a user-friendly touchscreen interface, photo navigation, hands-free calling and local keyword search capabilities. Top honours earned include: “Computex Taipei Innovation & Design Award”, “iF Product Design Award 2009” and “Good Design Product” awards in Taiwan.

"Mio is honoured to receive such high recognition from the worldwide community. These prestigious awards demonstrate Mio’s continuous commitment to developing advanced user-centric products for our consumers," states Justine Liu, Global Marcom Director of Mio Technology Corp. "Consumers seeking the best PND products are recommended to use these reviews and awards from industry experts as reference when evaluating Mio for their next purchase."

Mio Moov series winning products for 2008 include:

Moov 200
  • 1st place for "Product of the Year 2008" in the category of navigation products from benchmark.pl, Poland
  • Editor’s Choice, Digital World Magazine, France
  • “Superior GPS at a Low Price”, Amobil Magazine, Norway
    Moov 300
  • "Top 10 popular GPS", including Moov 370 and A201, CCW website (China Computer Worlds), China
    Moov 330
  • Editor’s Choice, PC Expert Magazine, France
    Moov 360
  • "IT Product of the Year 2008" award from ComputerWorld, Czech
  • Moov 370 and Moov 360 swiped Top 1 and Top 2 of the "Editor’s Choice" from CHIP Magazine, China
  • "GPS of the Year", Stuff Magazine, China
    Moov 370
  • 'Top Grade' Award from Mobil Magazine, Denmark
  • Mio Moov 370 Europe obtained the PC Professionale VIP award from PC Professionale, Italy
  • "The Most favorite GPS" from CCW website (China Computer Worlds), China
  • "2008 Product of the Year", CHIP Magazine, China
    Moov 380
  • Computex Taipei Innovation & Design Award
  • iF Product Design Award 2009
  • "Good Design Product" awards in Taiwan
  • "Editor’s Choice", Digital Home, Taiwan

    *Note: Products and models available vary across regions. For product details and retail price, please contact Mio office in your region.

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