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Version: v2.09
size: 8.8 MB

SpeedCAM tool

Synchronise your device with the online Speedcam Database

Use SpeedCAM tool to synchronise your device with the online speedcam database. All the latest speedcam locations are just a few clicks away!

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size: 5.4 MB
Latest update: 04/01/2007

Mio 168, A201 MioMapCE v2 Patch

This update fixes the navigation hangups in MioMapCE V2

This update fixes the following issue : During navigation with MioMap V2, the displayed map can hang and navigation is stopped. Once restarted by resetting, navigation will continue. This error always occurs on the same location.

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size: 60Kb
Latest update: 01/09/2003

Mio 168 USB driver

The Mio 168 USB Driver lets your computer communicate with your Mio 168 via ActiveSync.

The Mio 168 USB Driver is released on-line for users who no longer own the original CD-Rom. The USB driver is needed by your PC to be able to communicate using ACTIVESYNC and the USB port.

This driver is supplied with the companion CD which came with your Mio PDA. It is recommended to use the original application CD-Rom to install if you still own the CD-Rom. On this CD-Rom ACTIVESYNC is available, while installing ACTIVESYNC the USB driver will be installed as well.

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size: 30 Kb
Latest update: 04/01/2007

Mio 168 Audio patch

Some Mio 168 might suffer from bad play-back or bad recorded sound quality.

This patch fixes the noise, hissing sound and normalizes sound volume, if sound is recorded with the internal microphone.

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