Spirit 5400 LM

Spirit 5400 LM

Top Features
Lifetime Map Updates

receive the latest maps free of charge, up to 4 times a year

IQ Routes™

use the knowledge of millions for your route

LearnMe Pro™

adjusts your ETA and preferred routes according to your style

Parking Assistance

quickly and easily find nearby parking spaces

Pedestrian mode - works both in the car and on foot

go even further on foot

Spirit 5450 LM

Spirit 5450 LM

Top Features of 5400 LM plus
Stay ahead of traffic

Built-In Traffic information

Spirit 5670 LM

Spirit 5670 LM

Top Features of 5450 LM plus
Lifetime Safety Camera Updates

Protect your driving licence with Lifetime Safety Camera Updates.

Hands-free calling with built-in Bluetooth®

Hands-free calling with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology and microphone

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