MiVue™ C310

MiVue C310


Your personal eyewitness on the road.

With the new, compact and lightweight MiVue C310 you’ll always have proof of what really happened on the road. For your convenience, the dash cam will start recording when you start your car. The HD 720 pixel camera records your journey, functioning as your personal eyewitness on the road. So in case of an accident, you’ll always have recordings of what happened.

Of course, you can also use your dash cam simply when driving through beautiful, memorable scenery, so you can share your experiences with friends and family afterwards. And with the intuitive MiVue Manager desktop application, you can share your videos on Facebook® and YouTube as well.

The new MiVue C310 is the ideal solution for everyone who enjoys the safe feeling of having a dash cam as a personal eyewitness on the road.

Why use a dash cam?

Proof in case of accidents

Mio’s dash cams have the ability to record every vehicle journey including capturing the moment of an impact so can help provide proof before, during and after an accident.

Protect yourself from fraudulent claims

Recorded proof from the dash cams can be used to help resolve accident liability claims, ‘stop crash for cash’ claims as well as protect your ‘No Claims Bonus’.

Top features

110° wide-angle lens

this results in brighter and clearer videos

MiVue Manager

Download MiVue Manager


720p HD recording at 30 fps

Wide viewing angle

110° wide-angle lens

F2.4 glass lens

this results in brighter and clearer videos

3-Axis G-Sensor - records direction and force


Display size2.3"
Recording resolution720p HD @ 30fps
3-axis G-sensor
Photo mode
Parking Mode
Speed Limit Alert
Including Lifetime Safety Camera Data
GPS receiver
Second card slot
Rotating Mount

MiVue™ Manager

Full HD video playback

Intuitive interface allows you to browse recorded videos with speed control.

Video sharing

Combines videos and shares them to social media sites like YouTube and Facebook.

GPS overlay in Google maps

Moving map of your vehicle’s route synchronised with the video.*

**Function supported on GPS models only.

Video organiser

Organises videos by type and date for faster searching.

Direction Analyzer

Shows the driving direction and displays 3-axis g-forces in synchronisation with video.