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MioMore Services

Map Updates

We want you to have the latest map available on your Mio. Simply register your new Mio with Mio Advantage within 30 days of first use or purchase, and we’ll check if there’s a newer map available for your Mio. If there is, you can download it for free*!

The free update includes the same map coverage and features as was originally on your device, and updated safety cameras as well.

Safety Cameras

Keeping your Mio up to date with safety camera data means that you’re warned in advance of known camera locations on your route.


Real-time traffic alerts let you choose a clear route, ensuring that you arrive at your destination quickly and safely.

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GPS explained

A Sat Nav, or satellite navigation device, such as the Mio Moov uses the global positioning system (GPS) to pinpoint exactly where you are on the planet.

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Discover a new world of navigation and expand your horizons with the innovative Mio Spirit, heralding a new era of navigation software.

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