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Mio Technology announces Mio Cyclo Series at ISPO ’12

30 January 2012 For Immediate Release

Bicycle navigation devices with Surprise Me-feature, easy interface and preinstalled maps

Munich – Mio Technology, a worldwide supplier of Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs), announces the launch of Mio Cyclo Series with the Mio Cyclo 300 and Mio Cyclo 305, at the ISPO Munich ’12. With this new product range Mio is aiming for the cycling market, with bicycle navigation devices for both the recreational and sportive cyclists.

Surprise Me‐feature

The Mio Cyclo series allows you to easily navigate from A to B, or follow your own preferred routes. But if you choose to use the Surprise Me‐feature, the Mio Cyclo will put together a surprising bicycle route based on your entered time or distance, regardless of where you are. Ideal and easy for anyone who has seen all the routes in their home area, and those who like to be surprised in an unknown region.

The best experience in bicycle navigation, for the recreational and sportive user

“Cycling is increasing in popularity. On the recreational level, more and more people start to see the healthy relaxation that cycling brings. Families with kids go cycling during the weekend, enjoying the outdoors and the nature together. Also cycling tourism increases. This trend raises the awareness of the comfortable pedelec, which gives the opportunity for less fit people to easily cycle longer distances and hilly areas. This target group will benefit from the easy to use Mio Cyclo devices, which will give them clear guidance, so they can enjoy their surroundings.”, says Iwan Van Hende, PM Director Outdoor & Fitness of Mio Cyclo Series.

But the Mio Cyclo series also matches with the needs of the sportive user. “The robust, waterproof Mio Cyclo 305 is made for every sportive cyclist. The strong combination of an easy to use navigation device with heart rate and cadence measurement creates a device that suits the needs of every mountain‐ or race biker”.

Preinstalled maps

Open Street Map and TeleAtlas maps are already preinstalled, so you can start using the Mio Cyclo device straight out of the box. And if desired, the integrated car navigation mode will give you turn‐by‐turn directions to the nearest or starting point of the bicycle route of your choice.

Thanks to the large, anti‐glare 3” touch screen, the information you require will be available quickly in a clearly visible manner, both for the recreational cyclist and the trained mountain biker or racer. The impact resistant and waterproof casing (IPX7) makes the Mio Cyclo resistant to any type of weather.

Train and share your experiences

The Mio Cyclo measures time, speed, distance, height, calorie consumption and more. Using this data and the route information, you can use the Mio Share Desktop software not only to keep track of your route history and training schedules, but to share them with others as well.

Extra features of the Mio Cyclo 305

The Mio Cyclo 305 is packed with the same practical features as the Mio Cyclo 300, but comes with an ANT+ sensor, allowing you to connect the heart rate monitor and cadence/wheel sensor, to tune all options to the training schedule you want to follow.

USP’s of the Mio Cyclo 300 and Mio Cyclo 305:

 • Easy to use, turn-by-turn bicycle navigation devices - for the recreational and sportive cyclist
 • Cycle and road maps for your region completely preinstalled – ready to use out of the box
 • Clear, sunlight readable large 3” touch screen
 • Surprise Me-feature generates surprising cycle routes– just choose time or distance and the Mio Cyclo will offer you 3 routes to choose from
 • Robust and waterproof housing (IPX7) – can handle all weather conditions 
 • Easy to use - large on screen control buttons and simple menu structure
 • Equipped with cycling-related POIs (such as bicycle shops, first aid posts, pubs and restaurants)
 • Simply share your experiences and routes through the Mio Share desktop software
 • Measures speed, time, distance, slope, height and calculates calories burned

Extra features of the Mio Cyclo 305:

 • ANT+ sensor
 • Heart rate monitor
 • Cadence monitor
 • Wheel sensor

Recommended retail price and availability

The Mio Cyclo 300 and Mio Cyclo 305 will be available in April 2012 at a recommended retail price of:

 • RSP Mio Cyclo 300 with Regional Maps    €299,99 euro
 • RSP Mio Cyclo 300 with Western-Europe Maps   €349,99 euro
 • RSP Mio Cyclo 305 with Western-Europe Maps   €399,99 euro

Follow the development of Mio Cyclo Series on mio.com/cyclo.


About Mio Technology

Mio Technology develops and markets products which enable users to take advantage of the latest developments in navigation and mobile services. The brand was established in May 2002 and now has operations in Europe, Taiwan, mainland China, North America, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Mio currently employees 900+ employees worldwide and sells and markets its products in over 38 countries and territories. Mio’s brand tagline, “Explore More”, focuses on changing the way people experience the world and letting users know that they can explore the world easily and freely.


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