Keep on the move with free traffic alerts

There's nothing more frustrating than being caught in traffic. This is why Mio makes TMC (Traffic Message Channel) available on most of our sat nav devices, either as standard or as an optional accessory.

TMC is a system for alerting you to traffic problems on major roads. Your Mio will prompt you to revise your route - or even re-route you automatically to take you on the best alternative route to your destination, should you wish.


Devices with TMC as standard

Choose any of the following devices from our Mio Spirit and Mio Moov M range to enjoy free out-of-box traffic alerts sent directly to your Mio:

Also available with:

  • Navman Spirit 300 Traffic
  • Navman Spirit 500 Traffic & H-F Traffic
  • Navman Spirit Flat
  • Mio Spirit 485
  • Mio Spirit 495 LM
  • Mio Spirit 685
  • Mio Spirit 687
  • Mio Spirit 687 Truck
  • Mio Spirit 695 LM
  • Mio Spirit 697 LM
  • Mio Spirit 697 Truck LM
  • Moov 210
  • Moov 310
  • Moov 370
  • Moov 510
  • Moov 580
  • Moov M305
  • Moov M405

Add TMC to your Mio

If TMC is not available for your Mio as standard, you can buy an optional accessory from our e-shop that can enable TMC functionality on selected devices.

TMC accessory kit

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Compatible with:

  • Spirit 380
  • Spirit 480
  • Spirit 490
  • Spirit 690
  • Moov 150
  • Moov 200
  • Moov M300
  • Moov M400
  • Moov M404
  • Moov M410
  • Moov M413 LM
  • Moov M610
  • Moov M612
  • Moov M613 LM
  • Moov M614 LM

TMC cradle

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Compatible with:

Moov 330, Moov 500, Moov 560

Where does TMC work?

TMC service is generally available for free across Europe, although there are some exceptions:

In France, both free and payable TMC are available. Free TMC can be found on some toll roads. Payable TMC in France is provided by V-Traffic.

In Germany, both free and payable TMC are available. Payable TMC is provided by TMC-Pro.

In Italy, both free and payable TMC are available. The free TMC service is very limited. Payable TMC is provided by Infoblu.

In Finland and Norway, payable TMC is provided by Destia.