Cyclo 100

Cyclo 100

Top Features
Bicycle computer

Records your time, speed, calories burnt, distance, location and more...

Easy to use

Compact design, ready to go right out of the box, and can be easily mounted on any bicycle.

Personalised dashboard

Shows the information you want to see.

Water resistant (IPX7)

Water resistant (IPX7) – find your way in every weather

Cyclo 105

Cyclo 105

Top Features of 100 plus
Personal workout partner

Challenge yourself and improve your performance.

Including ANT+™ sensor

Evaluate your performance and improve your health

Cyclo 105 H/HC

Cyclo 105 H/HC

Top Features of 105 plus
Heart rate monitor

Wireless heart rate monitor (ANT+™ sensor) - evaluate your performance and improve your health.

Cadence/speed sensor

Your cycling speed can be calculated. Cyclo 105 HC only

Cyclo™ V4 software update available

Ultimate connectivity and safety while on the move