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A701 - Detailed Features information

  • Navigation Features

    • Works both on the road and off it

      As long as it runs on the Windows Mobile 5 operating platform, the *** can support the GPS software of your choice. That means you're no longer restricted as to where and when you can use GPS. Nor do you need different devices depending on the activity you want to use them for. In short, wherever you want to take it, you can. For the road, we recommend Mio Map software. Mio Map will guide you to your destination for a perfect, seamless journey every time, with maps of 24 European countries available. But the *** is equally in its element if you want to go sailing, biking, or hiking. Just add the software and go.


    • Fast, accurate positioning from SiRFstarIII GPS technology

      The latest SiRFstar III GPS receiver picks up satellite signals faster and holds them better - which means you can get on the road quicker. The highly sensitive SiRFstar III GPS chipset can receive signals from up to 20 satellites for extremely accurate positioning, even in the centre of a city or the middle of the countryside.


  • Connectivity

    • Bluetooth wireless technology connectivity

      The *** comes equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, so you can make and receive calls in safety when you're on the road. Together with a Bluetooth wireless technology car kit or headset, the *** allows you to keep your hands safely on the wheel whenever you're on the phone. It automatically switches from navigation to phone mode every time you receive a call, then back again when you hang up. Bluetooth wireless technology 1.2 offers high transmission speeds and reliable connections: exchange files with colleagues and synchronise Contacts with OutlookTM on your desktop.


  • Multimedia Possibilities

    • As seen on screen

      With an integrated 1.3 megapixel camera and 65,000-colour screen, the A701 comes in handy for taking snapshots as well as looking at them. Thanks to a crystal clear, 65,000-colour screen, the *** is excellent for storing and viewing photos and watching video footage. Images look as vibrant on screen as they are in real life, whilst maps and menus are also bright, crisp and easy to read. And if you ever wished you had your camera with you to take a quick snap of something, well now you have. The *** comes with an integrated 1.3 megapixel camera.


    • Expandable memory for unlimited possibilities

      Use standard SD/MMC cards to store pictures, MP3 files, videos, and e-books to turn the *** into a multimedia entertainment centre on the move. You could always take a couple of books, your MP3 player and your photo album along on your journey. But just think how much easier it would be if you stored ebooks, music, photos and film on a standard memory card. The *** comes with a memory expansion slot that lets you to do just that. And it doesn't matter how long you're going away for, because memory cards mean the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to read on the train, show relatives your family snaps, or listen to music strolling around town, the *** lets you take unlimited entertainment wherever you go.