A Greener Mio


Getting Mio's products on to the shelf requires the expenditure of a lot of energy. In order to reduce the amount of energy used in manufacturing, shipping and disposal. Our designers are continually researching new ways of lowering our carbon footprint. This is done by reducing the size of our accessories, our devices and the boxes they are shipped in. These smaller, yet equally functional items have been responsible for the reduction in: cardboard boxes, polymers, fuel, chemicals and a lot more.

Centralized manufacturing by our parent company, MiTAC International, ensures that environmental standards are stringently adhered to and that they are responsible for any environmental concerns. Over time we are reducing the amount of toxic substances that are used in the manufacture of our products and adapting existing methodologies to have greater compliance with EuP regulations.


Throughout the world Mio has taken initiatives in producing a more energy efficient environment for our staff to enjoy. Wherever Mio's staff are various initiatives have been put in place to ensure a greener environment.

Recycling uses energy and the debate still rages as to whether or not recycling is any better for the environment. But a one thing is certain: by making our products smaller and by reducing the amount of material used we are reducing the amount of material need to be recycled and disposed of. Smaller products and less packaging mean less recycling and that's got to be a good thing. Natures elements produce a lot of power that can be exploited and used to our advantage, and as the technology develops this will become more efficient. But as with everything first steps have to be taken. In China, the sun is being harnessed to provide heating in our staff dormitories and in Belgium, rain is being collected and used to flush toilets.