Spirit 5400 LM

Spirit 5400 LM

Top Features
Lifetime Map Updates

Receive the latest maps free of charge, up to four times a year.

IQ Routes™

IQ Routes™ capability collects real-life information from other drivers and optimises your route accordingly.

LearnMe Pro™

LearnMe Pro™ – for your own navigation experience

Parking Assistance

Parking Assistance – quickly and easily find nearby parking spaces

Pedestrian mode - works both in the car and on foot

Pedestrian mode - works both in the car and on foot

Spirit 5450 LM

Spirit 5450 LM

Top Features of 5400 LM plus
Stay ahead of traffic

Using the very latest traffic technology, you’ll always know what’s on the road ahead.

Spirit 5670 LM

Spirit 5670 LM

Top Features of 5450 LM plus
Lifetime Safety Camera Updates

Protect your driving licence with Lifetime Safety Camera Updates.

Hands-free calling

Hands-free calling with built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology and microphone

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