A device for every driver as Mio completes its sat nav line-up

20 August 2009 For Immediate Release

Mid range M-series and entry-level F-series bring feature-rich, value for money navigation

London: Leading sat nav maker Mio today announces its new, mid-range Navman M-series and the entry-level Navman F-series range. Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed Navman Spirit range and high-end Navman Spirit TV, the new models complete Mio’s already impressive product portfolio.

Boasting the latest in satellite navigation technology, the two ranges are ideal for those looking for a top quality device at an affordable price – especially important to drivers given the credit crunch.  Two models are available in each of the ranges – a neat and nifty 3.5inch model (the M300 and F35) and a pixel-perfect, 4.3inch widescreen (the M400 and F45).

Powerful, feature-packed navigation with the M-series

The Navman M-series range boasts an impressive host of features to ensure stress free driving. Both models are equipped with SiRFInstantFixII positioning technology for a five-times faster GPS connection, allowing users to get their journeys started more quickly and easily. The devices come complete with lane guidance and enhanced, spoken motorway exit instructions to make navigating through busy motorway junctions as easy as possible. By connecting the M-Series models to a PC, drivers can also use Mio’s Local Search tool to access a huge range of information on local destinations, such as restaurants or shops, through the MioMore desktop application.

The Navman M400 also includes the NavPixTM photo navigation feature, pioneered by Mio in its previous Navman devices. This lets drivers upload their own photos to the built-in photo album, tag them with a location and then find their way there. Users can also browse through a huge variety of pictures such as tourist sites, hideaway beaches, hotels and restaurants that have been posted by others at the NavPixTM website. With over a million geo-tagged photos freely available there and on Flickr, a whole new world can be explored by navigating to pictures.

Easy-to-use, value for money navigation with the F-series

The Navman F-series represents great value for money with a host of navigation features packed into two highly affordable devices, making them the perfect choice for first time sat nav users on a budget. Both the F35 and F45 are equipped with SiRFInstantFixII positioning technology for a five-times faster GPS connection, while their crisp, flat touch screens feature intelligent day and night displays to provide an optimal user experience whatever the time of day.

Both models in the F-series range include spoken motorway exit instructions to help navigate through tricky junctions, while the maps include local points of interest and a free trial of pre-loaded safety camera alert data.

Unrivalled after sale support

As with all Mio devices, the Navman M-series and F-series are backed up by Mio’s outstanding customer service. Mio’s dedicated team of over 50 staff provides support to over 40 countries in 17 languages, with 80% of all calls answered within 30 seconds.

Huw Bush, Head of UK Marketing, Mio, commented: “With the M-series and F-series, Mio has developed the ideal sat nav systems for first time buyers and those hoping to upgrade older models in the current economic climate. These new devices, with their sophisticated features and affordable price tags, bring drivers state-of-the-art navigational technology without breaking the bank. The M-series and F-series complete our product proposition and means that we now have suitable devices for any customer, from the entry-level up to our high-end TV devices.”

The Navman M300, Navman M400, Navman F35 and Navman F45 are available in stores now. European editions are also available, which include all the above features with the added benefit of pre-loaded map data for 23 Western European countries.

Navman M-series/F-series Product specifications:

Mio Navman M300

Navman M300 Street-level regional maps
Navman M300 Europe Street-level Western European maps

Mio Navman M400

Navman M400 Street-level regional maps
Navman M400 Europe Street-level European maps

Mio Navman F35

Navman F35 Street-level regional maps
Navman F35 Europe Street-level Western European maps

Mio Navman F45

Navman F45 Street-level regional maps
Navman F45 Europe Street-level Western European maps

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