Mio launches first ultra-slim Sat Nav with integrated Digital TV

22 June 2009 For Immediate Release

Mio revolutionises sat nav by integrating digital TV entertainment with its ground-breaking new Spirit range.

Leading sat nav company Mio today announces a new range of products combining industry leading satellite navigation with a digital TV, providing users with easy-to-use, multi-channel entertainment they can enjoy during breaks in the journey or at their final destination.

The Moov Spirit TV range continues Mio’s history of ground-breaking innovation in sat nav design and functionality. They are the perfect companion for family outings, driving holidays and camping trips, providing mobile entertainment when a destination has been reached. The Moov Spirit TV’s are also ideal for use in the back seat by passengers or kids who want to enjoy TV while being driven to their destination, or even to relieve the boredom when travelling on other forms of transport, such as trains or buses. In addition, professionals who drive as part of their work (for example taxi drivers, truckers or salespeople), can use the Moov Spirit TV’s to relax and enjoy their favourite TV programmes or catch up on the latest news while on breaks between journeys. When not travelling, the Spirit TV can also be used as an additional portable TV for the home.
The Moov Spirit TV range comprises two highly portable, ultra-slim models – the V505 with a 4.7” widescreen, and the V735 with a stunning 7” widescreen.

Digital TV on the Moov

With their wide, flat displays, watching Digital TV on the V505 and V735 TV is a pleasure. The auto-tuning is easy to set up, so users can be viewing their favourite shows in seconds. Both models include a seven-day EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) which lists what’s on every available channel up to a week ahead. With two antennas available to facilitate the strongest signal, the simple touchscreen menu and remote control make finding programmes a breeze, and the sharp, bright picture and powerful speaker provide a great mobile TV experience.

The V735 also includes full media device functionality, enabling users to store and view video and photos, and listen to their favourite MP3 music tracks.

Best-in-class navigation

Navigation is powered by Mio’s new Spirit software. Both the V505 and V735 TV use Mio’s easy to use interface and feature clutter-free, easy to read TruMap™ Views. Driving is made safer too, with speed warnings, safety camera data, Lane Guidance and Junction Views that help drivers get into the correct lane and anticipate motorway junctions and exits.

Both models include built-in Traffic, meaning drivers can easily find ways around hold-ups and traffic hot spots. Spirit’s incredible new Explore Mode gives users thousands of local Points of Interest across Europe and along any chosen route. Uniquely, with one simple touch of the map, Explore Mode creates a virtual POI circle around any location. With Mio’s unrivalled Walking Mode also included, users can explore more on foot and take the shortcuts that cars can’t take.

Mio’s Local Search helps users to quickly find places to visit, stay, shop and eat, and navigate to them. With NavPix, the photo navigation feature pioneered by Mio in its previous Navman range, users can browse through a huge variety of pictures such as tourist destinations, beaches or hotels and upload them. Then, simply choose a picture on the Mio V505 or V735 TV and it navigates the user there. When you arrive, learn even more with the pre-loaded Wcities Travel Books, which give in-depth listings of local attractions combined with facts and photos.

Colin Holloway, Marketing Communications Director, said: “Our existing range of sat-navs already encompasses photos and the ability to play MP3s and video, so a digital TV tuner is the natural next step in sat-nav innovation. The V505 and V735 combine our cutting-edge navigation with the ability to watch hundreds of digital TV channels across Europe – making it the perfect companion for family outings or professional drivers.”
The Moov Spirit TV range is available in stores in July. For more information please visit eu.mio.com.

Moov Spirit TV Product specifications:

Moov Spirit V505 TV

Key Features:

* For a limited period of 12 months

Moov Spirit V735 TV

Key Features:

* For a limited period of 12 months

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